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Customer Value

Enormous time saving

No limitation in loads complexity (e.g: sine on random) and model size (e.g:>10Melements)

Adopt a common frequency based approach for dynamic Response & Fatigue (e.g: multiple response statistic and damage sensitivity)

Friendly User Interface with state of the art working methodologies (e.g: loads conditioning)

Innovative methods for analytical surrogate loads

Correlation of in service, lab testings and CAE simulation

CAEfatigue Ltd

About CAEfatigue Ltd

In 2012, under the direction of Dr. Neil Bishop, a team of academics came together to form CAEFatigue Limited with the primary goal of creating simple but effective random response and fatigue calculation tools that were lacking in the commercial offerings of that time.  The result is CAEfatigue VIBRATION: a completely new, ground up software development effort relying on new calculation algorithms and technology inventions.

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